My work over the past fifteen years in product design has taken many different forms. I've consulted for manufacturers and entrepreneurs as well as designing my own speculative products. The range includes housewares, furniture, training products, and packaging. I've been recognized for my work with a Bronze IDEA (the Industrial Design Society of America) as well as a Good Design award. 

In nearly every instance I like to be involved in all aspects of the process from the initial research to every step of the conceptualization, prototyping, validation, and computer aided design work. I enjoy the back-and-forth process as concepts grow ever clearer through the multiple iterations required to work out every detail. While my professional work has moved increasingly towards interaction design, user interface, and smart technology, my hands-on experience with developing physical artifacts through multiple iterations both analog and digital continues to inform how I think about this newly emerging world of haptic devices.

I very much enjoy working hands-on with students so that they begin to understand the power of the iterative process as an idea moves from research to sketch conceptualizations (whether in the form of product sketches, wireframes, or storyboards) to rough physical models or simulations before moving on to become computer data which can, in turn, be laser cut, cnc'd, 3D printed, or programmed for further validation. The analog/digital workflow is something I contine to develop and refine both in my own work and in my teaching.


product design