My interaction design work is focused primarily on interactive books for education. The development of haptic rich-media formats will radically change how we interact with books. Leveraging the power of all previous media (text/image, video, audio, animation, and interactivity) allows the individual user to have a more personalized multi-modal engagement with content.

Research is discovering that the act of touching information to reveal and access it as opposed to simply reading it can have profound implications for more engaged learning (Glenberg, Ramini & Siegler et al). WYSIWYG authoring tools like the ibooks author software are bringing book creation in line with other social sharing platforms like youtube, vimeo, itunes, soundcloud and so on. The convergence of books with all previous media as well as the powerful conventions that have evolved since the invention of moveable type is creating enormous opportunties for interaction designers to help define the next chapter of learning. (click on the icon below to see screen shots of my current ibook in progress or see examples of information graphics created)