Writing has played a significant role in both my practice as a designer as well as an educator. I have presented more than 25 conference papers at a variety of academic conferences including the CAA (College Art Association) and the IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) to name a few. Topics I have written on include the phtotographic image, design activism, sustainability, open source, and design cognition. I have also had the honor and pleasure of presenting keynotes at a number of conferences. Writing has always been a way for me to explore a topic in greater detail before integrating into practical work or the classroom.

My recently published book Drawing For Product Designers (Laurence King Publishing, 2012) allowed me the opportunity to research cognition and its impacts on design visualization in depth and make connections I hadn't previously made. In the case of the book, I also created hundreds of illustrations and information graphics to help communicate the complex story of design visualization- a process I thoroughly enjoy. This work has greatly informed my most recent work with interactive books where I find myself drawn to the idea of tangible or haptic information. I believe industrial designers are ideal candidates for designing in this emerging medium.

Below are links to more details on the various writing-related projects I've done as well as documents in PDF format of academic papers, essays, and pedagogical texts. 

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